Babau R.Vishvakarma was born in village Dhananjaipur,post Gopalapur district Jaunpur,U.P. Imdia. He received his B.Sc.(Engg.). M.Sc.(Engg.) and Ph.D (Engg.) degree in electronics engineering from  Banaras Hindu University in 1969,1972 and 1977 respectively. He is an author or co-author of one monograph on Ferrite Junction Circulator, one text book on Electromagnetic Fields and Applications and over 200 research articles on microwave  / millimeter wave propagation, microwave scattering, radar cross section, electronic scanning antenna, microstrip patch antenna piezoelectric effect   in bones,  electromagnetic  interaction both energetic and informational with biological media  in the national/international  journals and proceedings.

       Dr. vishvakarma is in the reviewers list of several reference journals and proceedings world over. His two papers on microwave/millimeter wave propagation were awarded certificate of merit (1993.1994) and a paper on microstrip patch antenna was awarded the medal of institution engineers for 1996-97. He is a senior member of IEEE (USA) and member of New York Academy of Sciences N.Y.(USA).

        He is life member of Indian Sciemce Congress Association and fellow of Instution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (India), Dr.Vishvakarma is listed in Asia's Who's Who Educationists Who'Who,Biography International,Indo European Who's Who,Indo American Who'sWho,International Directory of Distinguished Leadership (USA).He has visited sevetal countries for academic interactions.and coordinated several Projects of Department of Sciemce and Technogy as well as Defence  in India.Presently he is Emeritus Fellow of All India Council of Technical Education. 

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